Taking water to a Whole New Level

This solution has the ability to kill and control unwanted bacteria, viruses, and pathogens while leaving no synthetic chemical residues or harmful environmental effects.

Aquacharge Inc

Welcome to Aquacharge

Providing a safe reliable alternative in the oil and gas, agricuture, food processing and medical industries. Aquacharge Inc. utililizes a unique technology and is the latest advancement in the war on pathogens in the fight against infectious outbreaks. Based on the efficacious science of Hypochlorous Acid, our technology is a safe, high level, broad spectrum and disinfectant. .

Our goal

is to provide equipment that utilizes a unique technology, producing products that have been tested and proven in many applications. This technology sets itself apart by its ability to produce hypochlorous acid on-site which is the most efficacious aqueous chlorine solution available.

We want to meet this goal by providing great customer service and to create new ways to develop earth-friendly products.

Current Projects:

  • Spraying Ultra-Lyte in livestock facilities to improve air quality and reduce airborne pathogens and viruses!

Our Special Skills:

Contact us for specialized knowledge in the Agricultural Field


Tested and proven in many applications

Applications include, but are not limited to, commercial, agricultural, food processing, medical, and industrial markets.